Delicious, sustainable protein solutions that nourish people & the planet.

Embrace Your Well-being, Elevate Your Day

Harvest B was born from a deep-seated commitment to improve global health and wellness. We recognise the challenges posed by traditional food systems, so we’re set to create a more sustainable, effective alternative.
Our range of plant-based proteins stands at the forefront of this mission, offering high nutritional value, exceptional versatility for both vegan and flexitarian diets, and a commitment to non-GMO, safe manufacturing practices.

Pioneering the Sustainable Plant Protein Revolution

At Harvest B, we redefine excellence in nutrition with our plant proteins. These proteins aren't just packed with essential nutrients and high-quality protein; they're a testament to our dedication to sustainability.
Every Harvest B serving is a promise of purity, produced in compliance with HACCP and SQF food safety standards.

A Philosophy Rooted in Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability

Our curated product lineup is based off the latest in scientific research, targeting the nutritional essentials our bodies require.
Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimise environmental impact, and our plant proteins offer a sustainable option that can be used on its own or with animal proteins.

Accelerating the Transition to a Sustainable Food System

Harvest B is more than a brand; it's a movement towards a more sustainable future. We believe in the power of plant-based nutrition to not only transform individual health but also to catalyse a shift towards a more sustainable, equitable food system worldwide.
Join us and be part of our acceleration the transition to a sustainable food system.

Values that Matter

Do what matters

Whether it’s a career tied to saving the planet, a weekend volunteering in our community or a workday ruthlessly prioritised, our time is our most valuable asset and we believe in using it to do what matters.

Fuel your curiosity

We like to ask why, seek ideas from divergent fields, listen to those around us, discover patterns and generate ideas. Our curiosity is fundamental to driving change, solving problems and our personal joy.

Drive towards outcomes

Real change and results are achieved by getting things done every day. This means being accountable, and having a bias to action.

Be a thoughtful human

We seek to be thoughtful humans with our team mates, customers, suppliers, partners and be a positive contributor to the broader ecosystem.