Our technology

The Building Blocks of the next generation of plant-based meat

Harvest B is a food technology business bringing a smart ingredient system to the brands and manufacturers of plant-based meats. To achieve the promise of a more sustainable food system, we want to make it easier for everyone to make great tasting and healthy plant-based food. Better plant-based meats require better ingredient systems.

We take a modern product-driven approach to everything we do starting by analysing the scientific and consumer insights to uncover opportunities that will transform plant-based meats. We design protein solutions that bring innovative science together with technology, culinary and knowledge of food manufacturing.

A plant protein ingredient library

Harvest B is creating a library of alternative proteins to advance the texture and flavour experience of plant-based meats.

Leveraging a variety of emerging proteins

Our research and development is bringing new, emerging proteins into our plant-based meat system that improves functionality, economics and sustainability.

Developed through extrusion technology

Our low moisture extrusion and drying techniques delivers high quality, shelf stable ingredients that enable much more affordable plant-based meats than high moisture extrusion.

A range of plant-based meat formulations

Our textured proteins enable the formulation of a wide range of plant-based meat applications which are designed to serve the localised nutritional and flavour preferences.

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