Plant-based Meat System

Our library of alternative proteins provide you with high performing systems to bring your plant-protein formulations to life.

Leveraging our deep knowledge of food science, advanced processing engineering and culinary creativity, we create ingredients that are clean tasting, nutritious and provide a meaty mouthfeel.

Enabled through low-moisture extrusion and drying technologies, Harvest B formulates high quality, shelf stable ingredients that enable you to achieve more with less, making your plant based products cleaner and more affordable.

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Technical Development

We know it can be hard sometimes to find quality ingredients that perform with the optimal texture, flavour and functional profile for your plant-based applications.

At Harvest B, we believe protein ingredients should be designed with the end product in mind. There is not a one size fits all ingredient for every meat application. That’s why we leverage our technology and culinary expertise to produce custom products, just for you.

If you have a large order volume in mind, Harvest B can work with your technical team to develop custom ingredients designed specifically for your plant-based formulations.

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Harvest B's ecosystem of partners can support you in your product formulation.

At our core, Harvest B leverages our technology to manufacture high quality ingredients to support your plant based meat formulations.

If you are looking for a partner to formulate new ingredients, recipes or finished products - Harvest B can support you in bringing your product to life.

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