Simply 3 by Harvest B

Next Generation Whole Pieces of Textured Plant Proteins

Our patent pending Simply 3 range of textured plant proteins have pushed the boundaries of low moisture extrusion technology to bring you low cost, clean label plant based meat.

Introducing Simply 3

Our patent pending Simply 3 range of textured plant proteins enable clean label, high protein and affordable whole pieces of plant based meat.

With multi-protein goodness, our Simply 3 products combine a unique blend of wheat and soy to achieve a neutralised taste and meat-like texture.

When rehydrated in a brine of water and flavouring you can create a clean label plant based meats, with Simply 3 ingredients.

Now available in a range of shapes, sizes and texture to enable a variety of cuts of plant based meat.

Our Simply 3 Product Range

Plant Based Beef Chunks
After rehydration and cooking, Harvest B Plant Based Beef Chunks provide a best in class texture and flavour experience for plant based beef chunks with a natural cooked beef colour.
Plant Based Chicken Chunks
Harvest B Plant Based Chicken Chunks have a neutral flavour and colour. Once rehydrated with natural chicken flavours, our chunks replicate the real experience of eating traditional chicken-thigh.
Plant Based Strips
Harvest B Plant Based Pork Strips have a neutral colour, perfect for plant based stir fry applications. Once rehydrated with natural meat flavouring, we recommend using our strips for chicken or pork analogues.

How it works

Harvest B Chunks & Strips

Simply 3 by Harvest B ingredients are so much more than just a regular textured plant protein. They come with a blend of Australian wheat and soy, 65% protein and 12 month shelf life to improve the quality and reduce the cost of your plant based formulations.

A Plant Based Meat System

When soaked in a brine of water and natural meat flavouring for 30 minutes, our dry chunks & strips expand to create large pieces of plant based meat with layers that replicate the tissue-structure of animal meat.

Your Plant Based Meat Solution

After rehydration, Harvest B Chunks & Strips are ready to be cooked and served as whole pieces of plant based meat with a clean label of Simply 3 ingredients: wheat, soy and spices. Perfect for a range of applications including chicken salad, pork stir fry and beef massaman curry.

A clean label you’ll love

Majority of the plant based meats you see on the supermarket shelves have long lists of artificial ingredients. That is because most products in market require all sorts of artificial binders, fats and flavours to form these products you purchase.

That is why Harvest B has brought you the next generation of textured plant proteins with our Chunks & Strips ingredients that enable you to create a clean label with only have 3 ingredients: wheat, soy and natural flavouring.

No methycellulose binders or added nasties are required to form your plant based products into meat-like substitutes. Say goodbye to the long list of ingredients and hello to Simply 3 ingredients.

Formulated through extrusion technology

Harvest B leverages low moisture extrusion technology to make whole chunks & strips of textured plant proteins that are tasty, affordable and clean. Want to learn more about our technology? Check out our technology section

Want to find the perfect ingredient for your plant based formulation?

If you have a specific product formulation in mind, download our catalogue of ingredients to discover the perfect textured plant protein for your applications.

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