Harvest B Formed Meats

A library of proteins to support your plant based formulations

Our ingredient library, formulated through extrusion technology is designed to provide turn key solutions for alternative proteins.

Our Approach

Harvest B formulates solutions for alternative meat systems. Our protein library provides the foundational building blocks for your plant based meat solutions.

Leveraging our deep understanding of novel proteins, process engineering and culinary creativity, Harvest B celebrates the plant to create superior products that enable you to do more, with less.

Starting with Australian Wheat as our protein base, Harvest B has started to expand into new proteins and blends to achieve nutritional and flavour requirements for a broad range of product applications.

Example Applications Supported

Plant-based Beef Patty
Plant-based Sausages
Plant-based Meatballs
Plant-based Chicken Schnitzel
Plant-based Pizza Toppings
Plant-based Beef Tacos

Enabled by a Library of Ingredients

Large Granules
Harvest B Large Granule range replicates the tissue structure of red meat to provide a firm, chewy texture. Our Large Granule range is packed with protein and suitable for a range of plant-based meat applications.
Medium Granules
Harvest B Medium Granule range has been formulated in both neutral and brown colours. With just a few easy steps, our medium granules can be transformed into a plant based taco mince or bolognese sauce.
Harvest B Shred range consists of long fibrous strands that pull apart once cooked like shredded meat. Our Shred range is a turn key solution for plant based pulled pork or shredded chicken applications.

Formulated through extrusion technology

Harvest B leverages low moisture extrusion technology to make textured plant proteins that are tasty, affordable and clean.

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