A letter
from us.
To you.

Over the past century, our global food system has experienced more change than agriculture did since it first began to be practiced nearly 13,000 years ago. Recent transformations produced incredible efficiencies, increased production and lowered the costs to feed a global population that grew by five billion people over this time.

As it scaled, this food system stopped being designed to feed humans. Through broadacre cropping and corporate farming, the food system became optimised to feed livestock and satisfy our insatiable demand for animal protein. Unfortunately, animals are an inefficient protein delivery system where only about one kilogram of meat results from 10 kilograms of feed.

This inefficient system means we now have a whopping 45% of all our planet’s land devoted to supporting livestock production. This system is increasingly strangling all forms of life on our planet, from biodiversity loss to our overall climate. And by 2050, we will have another two billion mouths to feed with a rising middle class demanding more protein than ever before.

What got us here, won’t get us there. It’s time for us to pursue a Plan B with purpose and urgency to develop a more efficient, scalable and planet-friendly food system designed to feed humans-first. Whether at the field or the fork, our team at Harvest B looks forward to partnering with you to build a more sustainable food system.

Kristi Riordan
Co-founder & CEO
Harvest B

Values that matter

  • Do what matters

    Whether it is a career tied to saving the planet, a weekend volunteering in our community or a workday ruthlessly prioritised, our time is our most valuable asset and we believe in using it to do what matters.
  • Fuel your curiosity

    We like to ask why, seek connections from divergent fields, listen to those around us, discover patterns and generate new ideas. We believe our curiosity is fundamental to driving change, solving problems and our personal joy.
  • Drive towards outcomes

    Real change and results are achieved by getting things done every day. This means taking accountability, being responsible, breaking down problems to the smallest next step and showing a bias for action.
  • Be a thoughtful human

    Trust is earned by building connections, being reliable, honest and finding a way to go the extra step. We seek to be thoughtful humans toward our team, our customers, suppliers, partners and broader ecosystem.

Our team

  • Kristi Riordan

    CEO & Co-founder
  • Alfred Lo

    CCO & Co-founder
  • Daniel Clampett

    Director of Engineering & Operations
  • Robert Lugton

    Head of Technical Solutions
  • Fahad Baloch

    Process Engineer
  • Rumbi Chigiga

    Innovation Specialist - Food Science
  • Kyle Chandler

    Science & Business Analyst

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